My Story Part 5 – The Prodigal Returns



Welcome Back Friends!  Let’s get to it.

Winter 2002-2003 in New York saw huge snow storms every 36 hours.  I remember coming home from work, getting off the train and not even coming inside the house.  I would grab the shovel that I left outside and would just start shoveling snow.  My son would  hear the shovel, look out the window and say “Daddy’s Home!”

So after my wife joked about moving to Florida, for the rest of that winter we would go on the internet and look at houses for sale and fantasize about buying this one or that one.  We would think of having a pool, acres of land, etc.

God is good because he knows the desires of your heart.  One day in the late spring I was outside planting some lilac trees in the front yard and a car pulled up in our driveway.  I was thinking to my “Oh Lord, the kid’s teacher is coming to my house for a conference!”  I told my stepson to go see who it was and he came over and said to me “Dwayne, the lady says she wants to buy the house!” I was like “What?!”

It was true, the woman explained that she represented a buyer who was looking to purchase some investment properties and our home was on the street he wanted to have his rentals.  My wife and I thought it was too good to be true, so as the true New Yorkers we were, we were skeptical about listing our home.  We agreed that we would give this lady a week to see if she was for real.  We listed the home and we thought about what we would do when our house sold in 6 months.  We sold the house in 2 weeks!

One of the hardest things I have ever done in my life was to move amd leave my oldest son in New Jersey, but I figured that I would actually spend more time with him if he would be coming to Florida for the summers, as opposed to the “every other weekend” scenario I was experiencing at the time.

So I was so thankful I would be leaving New York (notice I did not say that I thanked God I was leaving…I still wasn’t there yet) so that I could get out of the situation I was in and people I was around.  I thought that if I left New York all my problems would go away and I would never have to reveal the truths of what I was doing and how I was living…..Little did I know how wrong I was!

I flew to Florida to look for a home and after a very long weekend and several miles I found a house. Not that I planned it, but it so worked out that the house we purchased was a mile from my parents house.

Two weeks later we were in Florida. I got the family settled in and I had to go back to New York to work and make the transition to work from home for the next 6 months.  I had it all planned out, although everything did not go as planned.  2 months into my 6 month agreement my Job ended my arrangement and I had to start looking for work.  It took longer to get a job than anticipated and things were starting to get tight.  I finally found a job  but it was 100 miles away.  I started to stress about the employment situation and I turned to smoking and drinking to help deal with my situations again.

Having my parents close by again after all these years meant the church pressure was going to start again.  My mom would always invite us to church and sometime I would give in.  I went to church but my heart wasn’t in it and I again found myself going to church against my will.  My wife didn’t go and the kids had to go when I went because I said so.  I struggled for a long time because I knew I was only going to make my Mom and Dad happy.

For the next few years things were quiet and I tried to live the best I could, keeping my secrets and staying out of trouble. I remained faithful to my wife more out of lack of opportunity than by choice.  Traveling long distances for work continued and started to take its toll.  Finally I quit my long distance job to take a consulting  job closer to home.  That turned out to be a bad move because my six month position was eliminated in four months and I was back on the block again.  Bills were starting to pile up and things were getting tight.

The only offer for work I had was a contract in North Carolina…

Here’s where it all goes down….

Until later…I’m just tryingtobeamanofgod….



We are getting near the end here friends….Stay tuned for My Story Part 6…North Carolina

2 thoughts on “My Story Part 5 – The Prodigal Returns

    • Not too many people know about North Carolina so this is big. Sometimes I really don’t believe I am doing this tell all. But I know it’s the Lords will for me to share. Yes, It’s going to be good as everything comes to a head and really becomes the turning point in my life leading up to my conversion.


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